Australia – The land of quality red meat

Australian red meat has a longstanding reputation for quality and consistency. Meat and meat products from Australia enjoy world-wide demand due to this established reputation and our single minded focus on quality. Abundant pastoral land, a clean environment and cutting edge animal rearing practices ensure well fed and healthy animals, thus enabling Australian growers to rear some of the best quality animals available anywhere in the world.

It is from the best of these herds that AMQF source our beef & lamb products.

Welcome to Australian Meat and Quality Foods Pty Ltd

Australian Meat and Quality Foods Pty Ltd is your one stop shop for quality Australian and New Zealand meat exports. We take pride in supplying the best quality Australian and New Zealand beef, lamb and other products to our customers around the world.

Latest News

The Best Steak Cuts for Various Steak Dishes

Steaks must be one the most popular dishes in the world. In every side of the globe, people have their own way of offering this mouthwatering dish. Just as well, there are also specific beef cuts for every beef steak plate. As chefs may know, [...]


2013 Australian National Meat Judging Team Members Announced

Encouraging students to join the ever growing meat industry, According to Beef Central, the team will be made up of “Hamish Irvine from University of Sydney, Frederick Broughton from University of New England, Nick van den Berg from University Adelaide and Tamara Heir and Laura [...]


What You Need to Know about Wagyu

 Aside from being carefully and limitedly bred in certain parts of the world, Wagyu beef delivers a unique texture, appeal and flavor. Here are some more things you may not know about Wagyu. What does Wagyu mean? Wagyu literally means Japanese cow. It is a [...]


Export Number and Prices to Surge Further in 2013-14

Australian producers and exporters received good news earlier this week when the National Australia Bank (NAB) revealed that export numbers and prices will increase over the year 2013-14. According to Beef Central, the latest Rural Commodities Wrap published by NAB noted that the demand from [...]


Lease Changes to Take Effect in Queensland

Campbell Newman has revealed new changes to the process of leasehold land renewals. The Queensland Premier says the amendments are aimed at helping farmers and graziers upgrade their lands from leaseholds to freeholds, reports Beef Central. “We have listened to farm lobby groups such as [...]


12,600 pounds of Veal Meat Recalled for E. coli Contamination

Over 12,600 pounds of veal meat are being recalled after concerns of E. coli contamination. According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the boneless veal products were recalled after suspecting that the meats are positive with E. coli O157:H7, E. coli O145 [...]


Beef Productivity Increases by 0.9% Per Year

The beef industry is Australia continues to flourish as it posts impressive per year growth.  The growth is attributed to several factors, including beef output growth which grew by 0.6 per cent and moderate reductions of input use which increased 0.3 per cent over the [...]


Beef Producers Hoping to Use Gladstone Port for Export

A number of beef producers in Queensland are calling for the state to consider renovating the port of Gladstone to allow boxed beef exports on the site. There’s no question that beef exporting is one of the leading industries in Australia; Queensland alone processes more [...]


Artificial Meat to Be Unveiled in London

On August 5, the first man-made meat will soon be grilled on a pan, ate and digested as it is unveiled at a culinary festival in London. According to Standard Media, the artificial meat will be made into a five ounce burger that will be [...]


NZ To Label Meat from Australia

New Zealand will be enforcing a new rule on most of its imported meat products from other countries. According to reports, the country will now start to label all beef and lamb items are imported by the country of their origin. reported that Beef [...]